A fantastic first season!

Wow, what a year! We had never imagined that our little farm would have a start like this. We had an outstanding season with lots of sun and heat, no hail at all and a very reliable crop of herbs and flowers. We were also amazed by our great customers that that were very supportive and fun to deliver to!

From the very early spring on our little seeds and seedlings were growing fast into healthy plants in abundance. Only a few had a slow start and a handful didn’t come up at all. Overall though it was a very good growing year. In July we started our first CSA subscriptions that were selling really well and we delivered several custom orders. Throughout August and even into September we were busy with lots of flower orders and we even added some extra weeks of deliveries for some CSA customers. There was lots of interest for our flowers and several opportunities that already opened up even for the next season.
As I said we had a fantastic growing season with barely any problems. We somehow escaped all the hail which was definitely a first for us! An army (literally!) of lady bugs decided to set up shop in the flower beds and effectively help with any possible pest. Lots of beneficial insects and birds were busy working away as well as Marty, our feline pest control manager, who was regularly patrolling and helping out. We were very excited to see a steady stream of hummingbirds come and check out our flowers! I call them the Hell’s Angels of the backyard. Why? Ever heard the sound of a hummingbird flying around? Yep.
What’s happening now? We are already preparing for the next year! Seeds are ordered and bulbs for spring flowers are planted. We are also planning to expand our production to offer an even greater variety of local, untreated flowers and herbs and serve more customers.

We are already preparing the ground for project “bullpen” to ensure we are ready as early as we can to plant and seed in spring. Keep an eye on our blog as we will post updates and previews for next year and will post features of some of our flowers and herbs.
We look forward to a bit more quiet times over the winter months. However in spring, we will start early with some updates as well as details for the new CSA season.

Stay tuned!


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