“An explanation is where the mind comes to rest.”  – unknown

At Prairie Tough Farms we are passionate about growing plants and create beautiful flower arrangements! We call it farming with style!

Please check out our nurseryflower and barnwood section to see our products. For services please check out our workshops and our design services (coming soon). Feel free to tell us what you think and give us feedback in the contact section. If you’d like to buy some of our plants or flowers please check out the store or contact us via email. Or if you need more help you can simply go to our FAQ page. To keep up to date with everything Prairie Tough Farms, including pictures, news, tips and things we think are cool, just head to the blog!

“Plant once, harvest forever”

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Mother Nature
Employee No. 1

Our most important employee! Mother Nature. Working 24/7, 365 days! Without Nature there would be no farming. We are heavily relying on Mother Nature to do her job as we farm as naturally as possible with the least amount of interference.


Kevin & Simone

Kevin & Simone

We started Prairie Tough Farms in 2014 as small farm.
Kevin is the farm’s livestock expert and heavy equipment operator (mainly shovel & wheel barrow).
Simone is the acting plant geek & CFFO (Chief Farm and Finance Officer).
After years of dreaming and planning, we are finally farming! Stay tuned as we are working on adding more products and services soon!


Uli & Callie
Manure Management

uli callie 3 md

Our two CMO (Chief Manure Officers) are experts in grazing services and offer excellent manure production skills. Always hard at work, they provide nutrients for our plant production.

Pest Control Expert



Marty is one busy employee. Working hard year round (unless he is sleeping). He is an expert in controlling anything from mice, weasels, voles to gophers. Additionally, he acts as a berry bush guard, defending our precious harvest from a huge variety on birds. One of his daily tasks includes being a cuddly and furry alarm clock to the owners.

Our Vision

coming soon

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