The first flowers!

The first leaves are showing up. Spring is my favourite time! I check daily what’s coming up and starting to grow. 


A fantastic first season!

Wow, what a year! We had never imagined that our little farm would have a start like this. We had an outstanding season with lots of sun and heat, no hail at all and a very reliable crop of herbs and flowers. We were also amazed by our great customers that that were very supportive and fun to deliver to!

From the very early spring on our little seeds and seedlings were growing fast into healthy plants in abundance. Only a few had a slow start and a handful didn’t come up at all. Overall though it was a very good growing year. In July we started our first CSA subscriptions that were selling really well and we delivered several custom orders. Throughout August and even into September we were busy with lots of flower orders and we even added some extra weeks of deliveries for some CSA customers. There was lots of interest for our flowers and several opportunities that already opened up even for the next season.
As I said we had a fantastic growing season with barely any problems. We somehow escaped all the hail which was definitely a first for us! An army (literally!) of lady bugs decided to set up shop in the flower beds and effectively help with any possible pest. Lots of beneficial insects and birds were busy working away as well as Marty, our feline pest control manager, who was regularly patrolling and helping out. We were very excited to see a steady stream of hummingbirds come and check out our flowers! I call them the Hell’s Angels of the backyard. Why? Ever heard the sound of a hummingbird flying around? Yep.
What’s happening now? We are already preparing for the next year! Seeds are ordered and bulbs for spring flowers are planted. We are also planning to expand our production to offer an even greater variety of local, untreated flowers and herbs and serve more customers.

We are already preparing the ground for project “bullpen” to ensure we are ready as early as we can to plant and seed in spring. Keep an eye on our blog as we will post updates and previews for next year and will post features of some of our flowers and herbs.
We look forward to a bit more quiet times over the winter months. However in spring, we will start early with some updates as well as details for the new CSA season.

Stay tuned!

Last order for the year

Wow, how quickly the first season went by. I just delivered my last order yesterday.


While I am glad to get a break, I am also sad it’s already over. The first season went really well and we are already working on new flowers for next year. We are expanding the production and also variety.

Seeds are ordered!

Regarding herbs, all we have left are some comfrey and some yarrow plants. Last chance for this year!

CSA almost finished for 2015

We are heading into fall soon and are delivering the last few weeks of our first season CSA. Only one complaint so far: “It’s already over? I want more flowers!!”

Since the weather is great and the flowers are still highly productive we offer a few extra weeks to purchase for existing subscribers.


Tussie Mussies

A cute name for a cute little bouquet of flowers. In Victorian times a small bouquet was called a tussie-mussie. They usually were tied tight and round and often included not only flowers but also herbs. Every flower and herb had a different meaning and the bouquets were often designed to send a message to the recipient. The language of flowers became so popular guide books were even printed as nearly every flower had several meanings. For example: rosemary stood for remembrance, hydrangea for devotion, sage for wisdom, lilies for purity and of course rose for love.

market collection

Midsummer blooms

New flowers are coming up and are in full bloom at this time of the year. One of my favorites is “Love in a Mist” which is just stunning. Most of them turn out to be white and blue but a few are purple and even pink. About half is single and the other half is double blooms. Very whispy, romantic and pretty. Here is a little posie with mostly Love in a Mist, feverfew, edelweiss and cilantro flowers.

white blue md

The other flower I am really excited about is Freesia which is just stunning! I can’t wait to plant more next year!

Yarrows are popping up right left and centre in all kinds of different colours. Great material that works in most bouquets.
Here are two new bouquets I made for customers. Both feature several beautiful flowers like freesia, straw flowers, calendula, cosmo, yarrow and of course Love in a Mist. Both bouquets also include a variety of herbs like mint, lemon balm, lady’s mantle and wormwood.

Polly orange md

Celine pink md

Busy Summer Times

Wow, busy times. Summer is in full swing and we are as busy as ever. Here are some pictures from the market this week:


I will post some more pictures of the individual bouquets later. We also have some exciting news about next season. Stay tuned!


Here two little posies with some of my very favourite flowers: yarrow and calendula. Both medicinal herbs und super pretty flowers. I also added some chamomile which is not only pretty but lasts super long in the vase (~ 2 weeks!) and mint. Mint is going to be my signature filler. Not only does mint look and smell good, it also helps to keep flowers fresh in the water.

orange red md purple white 2 md