We grow a variety of plants and trees. All of our products are grown 100% outdoors with 0% fertilizer and 0% herbicides or pesticides applied 100% prairie tough

We let nature do it’s job to ensure the plants thrive at your place too!


We are specializing in medicinal herbs that are locally and naturally grown.

We offer live plants only.

Disclaimer: Any information provided by Prairie Tough Farms is not intended to replace information provided by a medical health professional or for the treatment of serious medical conditions. Consult your physician or health provider with any questions regarding medical conditions.

We always encourage customers to do their own research on herbal remedies regarding uses and safety.

Trees & Shrubs

Our trees and shrubs are prairie tough! Grown outside and without any help they are pros in surviving the Alberta winters!


We grow an evergrowing variety of cut flowers for our bouquets and arrangements.

 All flowers are locally grown and chemical free!


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