Calendula – Calendula officinalis

Name: Calendula
Botanical: Calendula officinalis ‘Erfurter Orange’

Plant in the sun or part shade.
Deer resistant.
Average to little water.


Uses: Medicinal/Cut Flower

Calendula beautiful plant with bright orange flowers that is popular as cut flower as well as medicinal herb or edible flowers (flavour can vary). While it is an annual in our climate zone, it can reseed itself very easily and handles a good amount of fairly cool weather. The flowers attract beneficial insects and butterflies. The calendula means “little clock” or “little calendar” probably because the flowers close at night and before the rain. Removing old flowers or light but continuous harvest will encourage more flower growth.

Calendula is a great companion plant for tomatoes. The blooms can be used dried in soups and baked goods or fresh in salads and as a yellow food dye, to colour cheeses, custards, butters, sauces, etc. Tea can be prepared from the flowers however the most common modern time use is in cosmetics. Especially for skin issues but also to treat insect stings/bites, chapped/chafed skin, rashes, cuts, burns, bruises, and minor infections, in general topically applied calendula help wounds heal faster.

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Disclaimer: Any information provided by Prairie Tough Farms is not intended to replace information provided by a medical health professional or for the treatment of serious medical conditions. Consult your physician or health provider with any questions regarding medical conditions.
We always encourage customers to do their own research on herbal remedies regarding uses and safety.


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