Comfrey, Russian – Symphytum x uplandicum


Plant in the sun or partial shade.

Deer resistant.
Average to little watering.

Winter hardy to zone: 3

Uses: Medicinal, companion plant


Comfrey is fast-growing and a perennial plant that is very easy to grow. It has a deep tap-root which helps draw up nutrients from deep in the soil is therefore a great companion plant and can be used as fertilizer. To fertilize the leaves can be cut and dropped at a place where one wants to increase nutrients. The flowers attract lots of beneficial insects. Russian variety does not self seed i.e. spread.

Comfrey has been used for hundreds of years to heal wounds and bones. Leaves should be crushed or steeped before applied as a poulice as the leaves are a little rough. Europe has a long history in medicinal use for comfrey externally as well as internally. Please do your own research (as always!) especially when eating comfrey leaves or roots!

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Disclaimer: Any information provided by Prairie Tough Farms is not intended to replace information provided by a medical health professional or for the treatment of serious medical conditions. Consult your physician or health provider with any questions regarding medical conditions.
We always encourage customers to do their own research on herbal remedies regarding uses and safety.


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